Selected Questions – 10

241. Who is the author of “August Coup”?

Ans : Mikhail S.Gorbachev


242. The revolts against the British in Malabar were organised by?

Ans : KeraIa Varma Pazhassi Raja of Kottayam Royal Family.


243. Organism which is unable to prepare its own food is called?

Ans : Heterotrophic


244. Who is the author of “Ponni “?

Ans : Malayattoor Ramakrishnan


245. Name the digestive enzyme that converts Peptides to amino acids is?

Ans : Erepsin


246. Who is the author of “Candida”?

Ans : George Bernard Shaw


247. Who is the author of “Bliss was it in that Dawn”?

Ans : Minoo Masani


248. Who is the author of Death and After?

Ans : Just. Y.R. Krishna Iyer


249. The IBAN concept was developed by?

Ans : The European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS) and the International Standards Organisation (ISO)


250. Presence of blood in urine is called?

Ans : Haematuria.


251. Who is the author of Mother India?

Ans : Katherine Mayo


252. Who is the creator of the famous characters “Beeman; Vimala”

Ans : M.T. Vasudevan Nair


253. Who is the author of “India of our Dreams”?

Ans : M.V. Kamath


254. Athirappalli and Vazhachal waterfalls are in?

Ans : Thrissur district


255. The civilisation of Greek city-states is known as?

Ans : Classical Civilisation


256. Who is the author of My Own Country?

Ans : Dr.Abraham Varghese


257. Who is the author of “Chemmeen”?

Ans : T.S.Pillai


258. Father of Biology?

Ans : Aristotle


259. Central Mining Research Station is located at?

Ans : Dhanbad (Bihar).


260. Who is the author of “Pramanam”?

Ans : Balamani Amma


261. A program used to browse the web is called?

Ans : Browser.


262. Who is the author of “Banker to the poor-The story of the Grameen Bank”?

Ans : Muhammad Yunus


263. The scientific name of Pineapple is?

Ans : Ananas comosus


264. The Currency of Nigeria?

Ans : Naira


265. Who is the author of “Burial at Sea”?

Ans : Khushwant Singh


266. Who is the author of “Civil Disobedience”?

Ans : Henry David Thoreau


267. Bengal’s Sorrow?

Ans : Damodar River


268. Jenna house is in?

Ans : Mumbai


269. In which year Gandhiji visited Ayyankali?

Ans : 1936


270. Which is the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

Ans : Great Pyramid at Giza