Selected Questions – 09

211. Longest Epic?

Ans : Mahabharatha


212. Who is the author of “Gotrayanam”?

Ans : Dr.Ayyappa Panicker.


213. UN International Year of the Elderly or older persons was?

Ans : 1999


214. Who is the author of The Museum of Innocence?

Ans : Orhan Pamuk


215. Wellington Trophy is associated with?

Ans : Rowing


216. The importance of plant tissue and cell culture in isolation was first proposed by ……?

Ans : Gottlieb Haberlandt


217. Who is the inventor of Washing Machine?

Ans : Hurley Machine Co.


218. The scientific name of Squirrel is?

Ans : Funambulus Penn anti


219. Who is the author of “Nine Days Wonder”?

Ans : John Masefield


220. Who said, “To be; or not to be: that is the question”?

Ans : William Shakespeare


221. Who is the author of “In Search of Gandhi”?

Ans : Richard Attenborough


222. The amount of pollution in water is measured by?

Ans : B.O.D( Biological Oxygen Demand)


223. ROM stands for?

Ans : Read Only Memory


224. Which place is known as Rajendra Chola Pattanam?

Ans : Vizhinjam


225. Name the First known E. Paper in the world?

Ans : The-Tbejith (from Belgium)


226. Who is the author of “Saket Maithili”?

Ans : Sharan Gupt


227. Which civilization was the first to use Phonetic writing?

Ans : Egyptians


228. Father of Antibiotics?

Ans : Alexander Fleming


229. Who is the author of Essays of?

Ans : Elia Charles Lamb


230. High Altitude Research Laboratory is located at?

Ans : Gulmarg (Kashmir)


231. Choice of Technique was written by?

Ans : Amartya Sen


232. Who is the author of “The Trail”?

Ans : Franz Kafka


233. Who is the author of “Caesar and Cleopatra”?

Ans : George Bernard Shaw


234. Who was the last Chief Minister of Travancore Cochin State?

Ans : Panampalli Govinda Menon


235. www stands for?

Ans : World Wide Web


236. Central Research Laboratory is located at?

Ans : Chepauk; Chennai (Tamil Nadu)


237. Who is the author of Iron in the Soul?

Ans : Jean-Paul Sartre


238. Who is the author of “Tharishunilam”?

Ans : Madhavikutty (Kamala Surayya)


239. First fully literate town in India was?

Ans : Kottayam


240. Who is considered as the Father of Cartography?

Ans : Ptolemy