Selected Questions – 08

181. Central Inland Fisheries Research Station is located at?

Ans : Barrackpore (W.Bengal)


182. Who was the first editor of the Malayali newspaper started in Trivandrum in 1886?

Ans : C. Krishnapillai


183. Who is the author of “A Mercy”?

Ans : Toni Morrison


184. JPEG stands for?

Ans : Joint Photographic Expert Group


185. Who is the author of “A Brief History of Time”?

Ans : Stephen Hawking


186. Largest Desert (World)?

Ans : Sahara (Africa)


187. The acid present in the soil and substances formed by the decomposition of the decayed green matter is?

Ans : Humic Acid


188. Who is the author of “Face to Face”?

Ans : Lasse and Lisa Berg


189. Who is the author of “Babarnama”?

Ans : Babar


190. Who is the author of International Working Glass Movement?

Ans : Sukomal Sen


191. Who is the inventor of Ship (Steam)?

Ans : J.C.Pierier


192. Paper is chemically?

Ans : Cellulose.


193. Who is the creator of the famous characters “Appukili; Ravi; Mollakka”?

Ans : OV.Vijayan


194. Who is the author of “Gora”?

Ans : Rabindranath Tagore


195. The Capital of Burundi?

Ans : Bujumbura


196. The Japanese art of folding paper into decorative objects is called?

Ans : Origami


197. Which is the Central Bank of USA?

Ans : Federal Reserve system


198. Government undertook the responsibility of education for the first time in Travancore by?

Ans : Rani Gauri Parvati Bhai in 1817


199. Sumerian civilisation later came to be known as ?

Ans : Mesopotamian civilisation


200. Price theory was developed by?

Ans : Marshall Ricardo; Pigou


201. Lenin died in 21st January 1924 due to ?

Ans : Cerebral Stroke


202. First person to reach the South Pole?

Ans : Amundsen


203. In which year Nelson Mandela was sworn in as the first black President of South Africa?

Ans : 1994


204. Who is the author of “Glass Menagerie”?

Ans : Tennessee Williams


205. Which is the world’s busiest Airport in the world?

Ans : Chicago International Airport


206. Who is the author of “ Algebra of Infinite Justice”?

Ans : Arundhati Roy


207. Who is the author of “Big Egos; Small Men”?

Ans : Ram Jethmalani


208. Which is a recently extinct bird from Mauritius?

Ans : Dodo


209. Who is the author of Man-eaters of Kumaon ?

Ans : Jim Corbett


210. Who is the author of “Satyarath Prakash”?

Ans : Swami Dayanand