Selected Questions – 05

91 Who is the author of “Agnikinavukal”?

Ans : Punathil Kunjabdullah


92 Who is the inventor of Telephone?

Ans : Graham Bell


93 Who were the first European to reach Africa?

Ans : The Portuguese


94 Who is called the father of Pakistan?

Ans : Muhammed Ali Jinnah


95 Who is the author of International Working Glass Movement?

Ans : Sukomal Sen


96 The district with the most number of post offices in Kerala is?

Ans : Thrissur


97 American Cup is associated with?

Ans : Yatch Racing


98 Who is the author of ‘The Audacity of Hope’?

Ans : Barack Obama


99 Who is the author of ‘Anandmath’?

Ans : Bankim Chandra Chatterjee


100 Kummattikali is a mask dance popular in?

Ans : South Malabar


101 Who is the author of “Tropic of Cancer”?

Ans : Henry Miller


102 ‘Boothathankettu’ is in?

Ans : Ernakulam district


103 Central Institute of Fisheries Technology is located at?

Ans : Ernakulam (Kerala).


104 ‘Mathilukal’, the film that has been screened at more international film festivals than any other, was directed by?

Ans: Adoor Gopalakrishnan


105 Who is the author of “Nuclear Weapons”?

Ans : B.S.Gupta


106 “Antonio; Ariel; Bassanio;” – These characters are developed by?

Ans : Shakespeare


107 Who is the author of “Way of All Flesh”?

Ans : Samuel Butler


108 Who is the author of “Patriot”?

Ans : Pearl S Buck


109 The famous “hundred years war” between the Cholas and Cheras began during the reign of?

Ans : Bhaskara Ravi Varmnan I.


110 ‘Gulf of Mannar’ is situated in?

Ans : Tamil Nadu


111 Arboriculture is?

Ans : Cultivation of tree and vegetables.


112 Who was the first Raja of Travancore to receive the title ‘Maharaja’ from the British crown?

Ans : Ayilyam Thirunal


113 First Place where the atom bomb was dropped?

Ans : Hiroshima


114 Ramnivas Ruia Challenge Gold Trophy is associated with?

Ans : Bridge


115 Eden Gardens (Kolkata) is associated with which Sport?

Ans : Cricket


116 The major God of The Sumerians was?

Ans : The Sky God’ Anu’


117 The Currency of Salvador?

Ans : Colon


118 The number of chromosomes in a human cell is?

Ans : 46


119 Who is the author of “Metamorphoses”?

Ans : Ovid


120 First Chief Justice of a High Court?

Ans : Justice H.L.Kania (Men); Ms. Leila Seth (Women)