Selected Questions – 04

61 The world’s first successful human to human heart transplantation in 1967 was performed by?

Ans : Christiaan Bernard; South African Cardiac Surgeon


62 Sree Narayana Guru was born on?

Ans : 20th August 1855 (Vayalvarathu Veedu)


63 Who is the author of “Kumarasambhava”?

Ans : Kalidas


64 The part of the earth and its atmosphere that is capable of supporting living things is?

Ans : Biosphere.


65 Who is the author of “Paradise Lost”?

Ans : John Milton


66 Largest stock exchange in the world is in?

Ans : Tokyo


67 Who is the creator of the famous character Kuppuvachanm Kodachi?

Ans : OV.Vijayan


68 In which year Marco Polo, the great Venetian traveller, visited Kollam?

Ans : 1275


69 Nehru Trophy Boat Race was inaugurated by?

Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru (1952)


70 The Capital of United Arab Emirates?

Ans : Abu Dhabi


71 Who is the author of “Androcles and the Lion”?

Ans : George Bernard Shaw


72 Who is the author of “Nilambari”?

Ans : Sachchidananda Vatsyayan


73 Who is the author of “Chitra”?

Ans : R.N.Tagore


74 Who is the author of “Of Human Bondage”?

Ans : W Somerset Maugham


75 The district with least population is?

Ans : Wayanad


76 Who is the author of The Last Mughal?

Ans : William Dalrymple


77 Who is the author of Northanger Abbey?

Ans : Jane Austen


78 Film and Television Institute of India is located at?

Ans : Pune (Maharashtra)


79 Who was the first Raja of Travancore to receive the title ‘Maharaja’ from the British crown?

Ans : Ayilyam Thirunal


80 Who is the author of “Lord Of the Flies”?

Ans : Sir William Golding


81 ……is writing about real life?

Ans : Non-fiction


82 Who is the inventor of Electricity; Current?

Ans : Volta


83 Who is the author of “Cherry Orchard”?

Ans : Anton Chekov


84 49th Parallel separates?

Ans : U.S.A. and Canada


85 Who is the author of “ Gurusagaram”?

Ans : O.V Vijayan


86 The currency; the exchange value of which keeps on fluctuating with respect to other currencies is called soft currency is called?

Ans : Soft Currency


87 Who is the inventor of Chloroform?

Ans : James Young Simpson


88 The Currency of Malta?

Ans : Lira Maltija


89 Who is the author of “Promises to Keep”?

Ans : Chester Bowles


90 Donchester (England) is associated with which Sport?

Ans : St.Ledger Horse Race