Selected Questions – 03

  • The Capital of Yugoslavia?


Ans : Belgrade


  • “Suhara; Majeed; Narayani”  – These are the characters of whose novel?


Ans : Vaikom Muhammed Basheer


  • Who is the inventor of Vacuum Flask?


Ans : James Dewar


  •  Priyadarshini Planetarium, inaugurated in 1994, is located in?


Ans : Thiruvananthapuram


  • Who is the author of Glimpses of World History?


Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru


  •  Majority of modem Human race’ belonged to which race?


Ans : Mongloid race


  • Which place is known as the Vatican of Nair community?


Ans : Perunna near Changanasseri


  •  The Battle of Marathon was fought in the year?


Ans : BC 490


  •  Who is the author of “Lucky Jim”?


Ans : Kingsley Amis


  •  The Capital of Timor?


Ans : Dili


  • Which is an economic group of Third World countries which was founded under the auspices of the UNO in 1964?


Ans : The group of 77


  •  Who was the first Malayalee woman Chief Justice of Kerala High Court?


Ans : K.K. Usha


  • Who is the author of “Kali Andhi”?


Ans : Kamleshwar


  •  The length of small intestine is?


Ans : 6 meters


  •  Who was the first First Portuguese Navigator to reach Kerala?


Ans : Vasco da Gama (1498)


  •  The structure of DNA molecule was discovered by?


Ans : Watson and Crick in 1953


  • Who is the oldest person to become the Chief Minister of Kerala?


Ans : V.S.Achuthanandan (83).


  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication is located at? 


Ans : New Delhi.


  • Saudi Arabian king, who gave the name to the country in 1925?


Ans : Abdul Aziz Sand


  •  Mahakavi Kurnaranasan’s famous poem ‘Veena Poovu’ was first published in?


Ans : Mitavadi In 1913


  •  Who is considered as the father of the nation of Columbia?


Ans : Simon Bolivar


  • Pertussis causing bacteria is?


Ans : Bordetella Pertussis


  • Which was the only Muslim ruling dynasty in Kerala?


Ans : Arakkal Dynasty.


  •  Travancore-Cochin Sports Council came to be known as Kerala Sports Council in?


Ans : 1956


  •  Travancore Rubber Works(Trivandrum) was started during the period of?


Ans : Sri Chitra Thirunal.


  • Largest Park?


Ans : Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta; Canada (17; 560 Sq.miles)


  • Surat is on the bank of which River?


Ans : Tapti


  •  Plants growing in acidic soil is called?


Ans : Oxylophytes


  • Headquarters of The World Trade Organisation is at?


Ans : Geneva; (Switzerland)


  •  Who is the author of Naked Triangle?


Ans : Balwant Gargi