Selected Questions – 02

1 Zambia and Zimbabwe together used to be called what?

Ans : Rhodesia


2 Who is the author of “Reminiscences”?

Ans : Thomas Carlyle


3 The chief excretory organs of the human body is?

Ans : The kidneys


4 First Muslim President of Indian Union?

Ans : Dr. Zakir Hussain


5 Which country in the world’s largest fishing industry?

Ans : China


6 Largest Diamond Mines (World)?

Ans : Kimberley (South Africa)


7 Who is the author of “Diplomacy”?

Ans : Henry Kissinger


8 Who was the first Vice-Chancellor of Travancore University from 1937 to 1947?

Ans : Sir C P Ramaswami Ayyar


9 From where the famous Buddhist image Karumadikuttan has been discovered?

Ans : Karumadi near Ambalappuzha.


10 ATP synthesis takes place in?

Ans : Mitochondrion


11 The excessive stimulus for alcohol consumption is called?

Ans : Dipsomania


12 Who is the author of “ Dharmapuranam “?

Ans : O.V Vijayan


13 The American President William McKinley was assassinated in?

Ans : 1901


14 Who is the author of “Story of My Experiments with Truth “?

Ans : Gandhiji


15 Pakistan President who was hanged to death in 1979?

Ans : Zulfikar Ali Bhutto


16 Death of tissues resulting from some mineral deficiency is known as?

Ans : Necrosis


17 Who is the author of “Towards New Horizons”?

Ans : Dinesh Singh


18 Indian Institute of Management is located at?

Ans : Ahmedabad; Kolkata; Bangalore; Lucknow; Indore and Kozhikode.


19 Who is the author of “Rape of Bangladesh”?

Ans : Anthony Mascarenhas


20 India’s first gymnastic training centre was set up at?

Ans : Thalassery


21 Who is the author of “The First Person”?

Ans : Vladimir Putin


22 BCG (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) vaccine used to prevent?

Ans : Tuberculosis


23 Early Postman of Travancore was known as?

Ans : ‘Anchal Pillai’


24 Who is the author of “ The Accompanist”?

Ans : Anita Desai


25 ‘Nair woman’ is a famous painting of?

Ans : Raja Ravi Varma


26 Sterilization process in the female is called?

Ans : Tubectomy


27 Epilepsy is a disease of the?

Ans : Nervous system


28 World’s Loneliest Island?

Ans : Tristan Da Cunha


29 Who is the author of “Metamorphoses”?

Ans : Ovid


30 Who is the author of “Kubla Khan”?

Ans : Coleridge