Assistant Topics

Secretariat Asst. Special Selected Questions 03

1. Economic development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is


(a) Human development

(b) Economic progress

(c) Sustainable development

(d) Static development


Answer – c

2.The state where the largest number of people living below the poverty line is   found in India:


(a) Rajasthan

(b) Delhi

(c) Madhya Pradesh

(d) Bihar


Answer – d

3. Earth day is celebrated in:


(a) 22nd April

(b) 22nd May

(c) 23 nd April

(d) 22nd March


Answer – a

4. The Kyoto protocol is an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on


(a)Climate change

(b) International trade

(c) Global investment

(d) Education


Answer – a

5. Pearl fishing is done extensively in


(a) Konkan Coast

(b) Gulf of Mannar

(c) Malabar Coast

(d) Coromandel Coast


Answer – b.

6. Which ocean name means Peaceful ?


(a) Arctic Ocean

(b) Antarctic Ocean

(c) Pacific Ocean

(d) Indian Ocean


Answer – c

7. Name the “Land of the Morning Calm”


(a) Norway

(b) Japan

(c) Korea

(d) Thailand


Answer – C

8. Sahyadri ranges refer to :


(a) Western Ghats

(b) Eastern Ghats

(c) Satpura ghats

(d) Siwaliks


Answer – a.

9.The line beyond which snow never melts is:


(a) Latitude

(b) Longitude

(c) Snowline

(d) Meridian


Answer – c

10.Gir Forest is in


(a) Karnataka

(b) Bihar

(c) Gujarat

(d) Himachal Pradesh


Answer – c

11.A fountain of hot water issuing from a hole which extends deep into earth’s crust is called


(a) Delta

(b) Canyon

(c) Volcano

(d) Geyser


Answer – d

12.Universal Adult Franchise creates:


(a) economic equality

(b) social equality

(c) political equality

(d) cultural equality


Answer – c

13.Who is the guardian of Fundamental rights in India ?


(a) Judiciary

(b) Legislature

(c) Executive

(d) Political parties


Answer – a

14.The year in which Panchayat Raj was introduced in India


(a) 1960

(b) 1961

(c) 1949

(d) 1959


Answer – d

15.Which article of the constitution provides for the formation of the Finance Commission ?


(a) Article300

(b) Article 280

(c) Article 250

(d) Article 290


Answer – b

16. The Governor can nominate to the Legislative Assembly one member from this community.


(a) Jewish

(b) Muslim

(c) Anglo-Indian

(d) Parsi


Answer – c

17. Right to Information Act (RTI) was passed in India in June:


(a) 2001

(b) 2003

(c) 2004

(d) 2005


Answer – d

18. Universal Declaration of human rights was passed by the U.N. General Assembly on


(a) 10-12-1948

(b) 13-11-1947

(c) 9-12-1948

(d) 12-12-1948


Answer – a

19. The proclamation of emergency brings automatic suspension of the right to


(a) freedom of speech

(b) constitutional remedies

(c) freedom of religion.

(d) all of these


Answer – a

20. The concept of Fundamental right has its basis in the


(a) Constitution of the USA

(b) Constitution of Russia

(c) Irish Constitution

(d) Canadian Constitution


Answer – a

21. The chairman of the UPSC is appointed by the


(a) Cabinet

(b) President

(c) Supreme Court

(d) Prime Minister


Answer – b

22. Kerala is the first state in India to launch a Pension Scheme for farmers namely


(a) Kissan Abhiman

(b) Farmer’s Pension

(c) Agricultural Pension

(d) Pension to Agricultural Labourer


Answer – a

23. According to 2001 Census, the state having highest urban population is


(a) Tamil Nadu

(b) Kerala

(c) Maharashtra

(d) Uttar Pradesh


Answer – c

24. The district in Kerala which has the highest density of population as per 2001 census.


(a) Ernakulam

(b) Alappuzha

(c) Thrissur

(d) Idukki


Answer – b

25. The Union Territory in India with the highest population.


(a) Puducherry

(b) Delhi

(c) Chandigarh

(d) Daman Diu


Answer – b

26. The district in Kerala where the black soil is seen most:


(a) Wayanad

(b) Kannur

(c) Kasaragod

(d) Palakkad


Answer – d