Assistant Topics

Secretariat Asst. Special GK : Part 01

1. Toxic substances enter into the food chains and accumulate on higher trophic levels. The phenomenon is called –

Bio magnification

2. Vagus nerve is  –

a mixed nerve

3.The smallest and lightest bone in the human body –


4.The vaccine used in pulse polio immunization campaign in India –

IPV, and OPV

5. In a monohybrid cross, a heterozygous tall pea plant is crossed with a dwarf pea plant. Which type of progenies is formed in the F1 generation –

Both tall and dwarf

6.The elements which show variable valency –

d block elements

7.Which compound is called ‘Carborundum’  –

Silicon carbide

8.The lens used to rectify the disease, ‘Myopia’ –

Concave lens

9.The most abundant element in the earth crust is –


10. The unit of acceleration is –


11.The best documentary film of 2015 Oscar ‘Citizenfour’ is directed by –

Laur Poitras

12. Who won ‘Man Booker Prize’ 2015  –

Marlon James

13. Name the heaviest next-generation rocket launched by ISRO –


14. Who the author of the  ” The Lives of others ” –

Neel Mukherjee

15. Venue of Commonwealth games 2018 –

Gold coast ( Australia )

16. Who is also known Muthukutti Swami –

Vaikunda Swami

17. Who did first Malayalam printing?

Benjamin Bailey

18. The order permitting channar women to wear jacket was Issued by which diwan –

Col. Munore

19. The  ‘Kochi Pulaya Maha Sabha’ was founded in 1913 under whose leadership –

KP Karuppan

20. Name the first travelogue in Malayalam –

Varthamana Pusthakam