Assistant General Science

Physics – 04

പ്രകാശത്തിൻറെ പ്രത്യേകതകളായ റിഫ്‌ളക്‌ഷൻ, റിഫ്രാക്‌ഷൻ, ടോട്ടൽ ഇൻറെർണൽ റിഫ്‌ളക്‌ഷൻ, ഡിസ്പേഴ്‌സൺ, ഇന്റർഫെറൻസ്, ഡിഫ്രാക്ഷൻ, സ്‌കാറ്ററിങ്, പോളറൈസേഷൻ, ഡോപ്ലർ എഫക്ട് എന്നീ സുപ്രധാന ഭാഗങ്ങളാണ് ഇന്നത്തെ പാഠത്തിൽ ഉൾക്കൊള്ളിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നത്.

  • Color having minimum wavelength



  • Color having maximum wavelength



  • Color having minimum frequency



  • Color having maximum frequency



  • Light that scatters most



  • Light that scatters least



  • Color which reflects all other colors



  • Color which absorbs all other colors



  • Color which absorbs maximum heat



  • Color which absorbs minimum heat



  • Color which appears on the upper portion of the rainbow



  • Color which appears in the centre of the rainbow



  • Color which appears on the lower portion of the rainbow



  • Distance travelled by light in one year



  • Unit used to measure distance between stars

Light year


  • One light year is



  • One Parsec is

3.26 light years


  • Quantum theory was put forward by

Max Plank


  • According to Quantum theory, energy packets in light rays called



  • Quantum of light is known as



  • Phenomenon of emission of light from substances after absorption of Photons called as

Photo Luminescence


  • Phenomenon of bouncing back of light when a beam of light falls on a surface



  • Bending of light when a ray of light travels from one medium to another



  • Phenomena of Mirage in deserts, Twinkling of stars, bending scale immersed in water\glass etc are due to



  • Reason for refraction of light when travels from one medium to another

Phase velocity of wave is changed but its frequency remains constant


  • Snell’s law is related to



  • Fata Morgana is a term associated with

Mirage (Superior form of Mirage)


  • Measure of optical density of a medium is

Refractive index [Speed of light in vacuum/Speed of light in medium]


  • Refractive index of Vacuum

1 [Ice : 1.31, Water : 1.33]


  • Refractive index of Diamond



  • Working principle of Optical fibre, endoscopy, Vehicle reflectors, Binoculars

Total Internal Reflection


  • Sparkling of Diamond is due to

Total internal reflection in high refractive index


  • Splitting of composite beam of light into its constituent colors is called

Dispersion of light


  • Dispersion of light is discovered by

Issac Newton


  • Device used to split composite light into constituent colors



  • Rainbow is caused by

Total internal reflection, refraction and dispersion of light by water particles


  • Red color in rainbow is seen at an angle of

42.8 Degree


  • Violet color in rainbow is seen at an angle of

40.8 Degree


  • Shape of rainbow while seeing from space



  • Distribution of light when two or more high waves superimpose each other is called



  • Colors in soap bubbles, oil layers etc are due to



  • Interference was first observed by

Thomas Young


  • Working principle of Holography\Hologram



  • Process of spreading out of light into geometrical shadow of obstacle is called as



  • Projector in film theatres works on the principle of



  • Rings around the sun, Fringe pattern of CD etc are due to



  • Blue color of Sky, Reddening of Sun at sunrise and sunset are due to

Scattering of light


  • The light color which scatters most

Violet (Having shorter wavelength)


  • The light color which scatters least

Red (Having longer wavelength)


  • Black color of sky in Moon is due to

Absence of scattering of light as there is no atmosphere


  • Phenomenon of confining the vibration of a transverse wave to a particular direction is called



  • Brewster’s Law is associated with

Polarization of Light


  • Example of natural polarizing material



  • Polaroids are using in

Aeroplane and car windows, sunglasses, Three-dimensional pictures


  • Light scattering by the particles in a colloid is known as

Tyndal effect


  • Example of Tyndal effect

Sunlight passing through mist, blue color seen in smoke emitted from motorcycles


  • Change in frequency of a light or sound wave when source or observer moves with respect to the other is known as

Doppler effect


  • Increase in frequency (decrease in wavelength) of visible light when it moves towards observer is called

Blue Shift


  • Decrease in frequency (Increase in wavelength) of visible light when it moves towards observer is called

Red Shift


  • Blueshift, Red Shift, High pitch of siren approaching ambulance is due to

Doppler effect

(To be Continued…)