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Maths Shortcut Tricks (Time and Work)

Maths Trick with Examples

If M1 person completes a work in D1 days, M2 persons complete it in D2 days.
M1D1 = M2D2

If time also is given, then (like 6 hours)
M1D1T1 = M2D2T2

If amount of work done is also given, then
M1D1T1W2 = M2D2T2W1

Example :

18 persons working for 8 days at 5 hours per days can cut 24 trees; then 10 persons working 4 hours per day will cut how many trees in 9 days?


Solution :

If x men (or) y women can do a job in z days, then v men & w women together will do it in

Example :

3 men or 4 women can reap a field in 43 days. Then in how many days will 7 men and 5 women working together reap it.

Solution :

No. of days = 43
Ist Value associated with And – 7
Ist Value associated with OR – 3
2nd value associated with And – 5
2nd Value associated with OR – 4