Leaders of Renaissance in Kerala -Swami Brahmananda Sivayogi (1852-1929)

1. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi, who founded the Ananda Maha Sabha, was born on 26th August 1852. He founded the Siddhasramam at Alathur.

2. His real name was Karat Govindamenon

3. An atheist, he denounced idol worship and religions.

4. He propounded the theory that ‘ananda’ (happiness or bliss) should be the touchstone of any human activity.

5. The movement he spearheaded played an important role in the renaissance of Kerala society.

6. He encouraged liquor prohibition and women’s education. He criticised idol worship.

7. His reformist ideas are detailed in his works titled ‘Mokshapradeepam’ and ‘Anandasutram’.

8. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi passed away on 10th September 1929.