Assistant IT & Cyber Laws

Information Technology – 12

166. On Internet, the files are transferred using the protocol:


(b) TCP/IP

(c) DHCP

(d) FTP


Answer: (d)

167. What is a screen tip?

(a)The text displayed on the taskbar

(b) Object’s name or description that appears when you point to it

(c) This message displayed when you open a software

(d) None of these


Answer: (b)

168. In which printer heated pins are used to print characters?

(a)Dot matrix printer

(b) Chain printer

(c) Thermal printer

(d) Daisy wheel printer


Answer: (c)

169. PPP stands for:

(a)Point to Point Protocol

(b) Public Piracy Protocol

(c) Portable Peripheral Point

(d) None of these


Answer: (a)

170. The short cut key Alt+F4 is used to:

(a)Close the active program

(b) Switch to next window

(c) Refresh a window

(d) Select all files and folders


Answer: (a)

171. In MS Word the tool bar, which contains icons for changing the look style of text:


(b) Drawing

(c) Autotext

(d) Formatting


Answer: (d)

172. Choose the odd one:


(b) Webcam

(c) Joystick

(d) Trackball


Answer: (b)

173. The address of a web page is called:


(b) World Wide Web

(c) Domain Name

(d) Uniform Resource Locator


Answer: (d)

174. When the scroll boxes are not present in the scroll bars this indicates that:

(a)There is an error in the software

(b) The complete text is visible in the same window

(c) Indication of a virus attack

(d) Text is hidden somewhere in the document


Answer: (b)

175. In which year Linus Kernel created by Linus Torvalds released?


(b) 1994

(c) 2000

(d) 1997


Answer: (a)

176. In a mail account the incoming messages are stored in:


(b) Outbox

(c) Inbox

(d) Compose


Answer: (c)

177. Hamming Code is used in:

(a)Programming language

(b) Operating system

(c) Processor

(d) Data communication


Answer: (d)

178. BIOS of a computer is stored in:

(a)Hard Disk

(b) RAM

(c) CD

(d) ROM


Answer: (d)

179. OS that permits multiple programs to be run simultaneously using a single processor is referred to as:


(b) Multithreading

(c) Multiuser

(d) Multiprocessing


Answer: (a)

180. One of the following is an Antivirus software. Find it out:

(a)Mozilla Firefox

(b) Acrobat Reader

(c) PC Wizard

(d) Quick Heal


Answer: (d)