Assistant IT & Cyber Laws

Information Technology – 10

136. The file system ‘NTFS’ stands for:

(a)New Type File System
(b) Non Terminated File System
(c) Never Terminated File System
(d) New Technology File System

Answer: (d)

137. A slide show begins with the:

(a)Animated slide (b) Current slide
(c) Bulletted slide (d) First slide

Answer: (d)

138. The system program that sets up an executable program in main memory for execution is:

(a)Assembler (b) Linker
(c) Compiler (d) Loader

Answer: (d)

139. A DBMS that combines a DBMS and an application generator is:

(a)MS-SQL Server (b) MS-Access
(c) DB-2 (d) Oracle

Answer: (b)

140. In satellite-based communication, VSAT stands for:

(a)Very Small Analog Terminal
(b) Very Small Aperture Terminal
(c) Very Small Audio Terminal
(d) Varying Size Aperture Terminal

Answer: (b)

141. Which is the incorrect statement?

(a)RAM is Random Access Memory
(b) RAM is volatile
(c) We cannot perform read operations in RAM
(d) RAM is directly accessed by the CPU

Answer: (c)

142. In software development, if requirements are frequently changing, which model is best suited?

(a)Waterfall (b) Spiral
(c) RAD (d) Prototype

Answer: (d)

143. How can you save a file with a new name in MS Excel?

(a)Using save as menu
(b) Using save menu
(c) Using copy and paste options
(d) Using cut and paste options

Answer: (a)

144. A term associated with the comparison of processing speeds of different computer systems is:

(a)EFTS (b) MIPS
(c) CFPS (d) MPG

Answer: (b)

145. Which allows wireless mobile devices to access the internet and its services such as the web and e-mail?

(a)TCP/IP (b) Ethernet
(c) WAP (d) Token ring

Answer: (c)

146. Which of the following is the second generation of computers?

(a)EDSAC (b) IBM-1401
(c) CDC-1604 (d) ICL-2900

Answer: (c)

147. ‘DOS’ floppy disk does not have:

(a)Boot record (b) File allocation table
(c) Root directory (d) Virtual memory

Answer: (d)

148. Which operation is not possible on data structures?

(a)Traversing (b) Reading
(c) Insertion (d) Deletion

Answer: (b)

149. What is the full form of POST?

(a)Program Oriented System Testing
(b) Print On Self Test
(c) Private Office Software Trainee
(d) Power On Self Test

Answer: (d)

150. Windows 7 was released in:

(a)2001 (b) 2009 (c) 2007 (d) 2006

Answer: (b)