Assistant IT & Cyber Laws

Information Technology – 04

46. The initiative of the US government which is considered as the early form of the internet:


Answer: (d)

47. World Computer Security Day:

(a) October 30 (b) November 30
(c) December 30 (d) January 30

Answer: (b)

48. This is the exclusive right granted by statute to the author of the works to reproduce dramatic, artistic, literary or musical work or to authorize its reproduction by others:

(a) Patent (b) Copy Right
(c)Trade Mark (d) None of the above

Answer: (b)

49. Feeling guilty or defensive about our internet use is a symptom of ________.

(a) Cyber addiction (b) Net Gaming
(c) Online-Chatting (d) Cybercrime

Answer: (a)

50._______ are a bundle of exclusive rights over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial:

(a) Intellectual property rights (b) Copyright
(c) Patent (d) Trademark

Answer: (a)

51. Digital images are entered into the computer using ____

(a) Keyboard (b) Speaker
(c) Scanner (d) Digital Camera

Answer: (d)

52.Spell check is the under ___ menu.

(a) Tool (b) Format
(c) Edit (d) View

Answer: (a)

53.Hotmail was created by:

(a) Bill Gates (b) Sabir Bhatia
(c) Berners Lee (d) Richard Stallman

Answer: (b)

54. Which one of the following is not an internet browser?

(a) Mozilla (b) Internet Explorer
(c) Windows Explorer (d) Netscape Navigator

Answer: (c)

55. The domain name for government organisations is:

(a) .gov (b).govnt
(c) .com (d) .org

Answer: (a)

56. Which one of the following is not an input device?

(a) Mouse (b) Keyboard
(c) Barcode reader (d) Monitor

Answer: (d)

57. The full form of U.P.S.

(a) Uniform Power Supply
(b) Uninterrupted Power Supply
(c) Universal Power Supply
(d) Unidirectional Power Supply

Answer: (b)

58. The domain name for government institutions:

(a) org (b) gov (c) com (d) firm

Answer: (b)

59. Which device is used to display graphics and information on the video screen?

(a) CPU (b) Modem (c) Scanner (d) Monitor

Answer: (d)

60. The programs or instructions that tell the computer what to do:

(a) Software (b) Hardware
(c) Virus (d) mailmerge

Answer: (a)