Assistant IT & Cyber Laws Topics

Information Technology – 02

16. Paintbrush belongs to:

(a) Accessories group

(b) Application group

(c) Main group

(d) None of these

Answer: (b)

17. CPU gets the address of the next instruction to be processed from:

(a) Instruction register

(b) Memory address register

(c) Index register

(d) Program register

Answer: (d)

18. The internet allows you to:

(a) send electronic mail

(b) view web pages

(c) connect servers all around the world

(d) All of these

Answer: (d)

19 .What are the speakers attached to your computer used for:

(a) Displaying images

(b) Sending messages

(c) Storing messages

(d) Handling sound and music

Answer: (d)

20. The smallest unit in the computer which represents information is:

(a) Byte

(b) Bit

(c) Character

(d) Digit

Answer: (b)

21. The concept of the stored program was given by:

(a) Von Neuman

(b) Charles Babbage

(c) Blaise Pascal

(d) None of these

Answer: (a)

22. Who is known as ‘the father of personal computer’?

(a) Charles Babbage

(b) Henri Edward Roberts

(c) Alan Turing

(d) Edgar Rice Boroughs

Answer: (b)

23. The first computer virus:

(a) Kabir

(b) Firewall

(c) Norton

(d) Elk Cloner

Answer: (d)

24. A compiler translates a program written in a high-level language into:

(a) Java

(b) Algorithm

(c) Machine language

(d) A debugged program

Answer: (c)

25. The vast network of computers that connects millions of people all over the world is called:

(a) OUAN

(b) Hypertext


(d) Internet

Answer: (d)

26. What type of devices are computer speakers and headphones?

(a) Input

(b) Input/output

(c) Software

(d) Output

Answer: (d)

27. Who discovered Unix operating system?

(a) Engelbart

(b) Paul Allen

(c) Dennis Ritchie

(d) John Newman

Answer: (c)

28. The _____ of a system includes the programs and instructions.

(a) Icon

(b) Hardware

(c) Software

(d) Information

Answer: (c)

29. What is the full form of USB?

(a) Universal Security Block

(b) Ultra Serial Block

(c) United Service Block

(d) Universal Serial Bus

Answer: (d)

30. Which of the following is a Web Browser?

(a) Paint

(b) Firefox

(c) PowerPoint

(d) Word

Answer: (b)