Assistant Constitution

Indian Constitution – 29

ഇന്ത്യയിലെ രാഷ്ട്രീയ പാർട്ടികൾ, നോട്ട, സംസ്ഥാന ഇലക്ഷൻ കമ്മീഷൻ, പബ്ലിക് സർവീസ് കമ്മീഷൻ എന്നിവയുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട ചോദ്യങ്ങളാണ് ഇന്നത്തെ പാഠത്തിൽ.

  • No of national parties in India

7 (INC, CPI, CPM, BJP, BSP, NCP, Trinamool Congress)


  • Last political party which got recognition as a national party

Thrinamool Congress (1998)


  • Criteria for getting national party status

6% of the total polled vote in at least 4 states in last held general election


  • Trinamool Congress             : Grass and two flowers
  • Bahujan Samaj Party              : Elephant
  • Nationalist Congress Party     : Clock
  • Aam Admi Party                     : Broom
  • Telungu Desam Party              : Cycle
  • Dravida Munnetta Kazhagam  : Rising Sun
  • AIADMK                                 : Two leaves
  • No of persons compete and win from two constituencies in 16th Lok Sabha election

2 (Narendra Modi and Mulayam Sing Yadav)

  • Constituencies of Narendra Modi in 16th Lok Sabha election

Varanasi and Vadodara (Resigned from Vadodara later)


  • Constituencies of Mulayam Sing Yadav in 16th Lok Sabha election

Azamgarh and Mainpuri (Resigned from Mainpuri later)


  • Largest constituency in India



  • Smallest constituency in India

Chandni Chauk (Delhi)


  • Constituency having largest number of voters

Malkaj Giri (Telangana)


  • Constituency having shortest number of voters



  • Political party formed by Irom Sharmila

PRJA (Peoples Resurgance and Justice Alliance)


  • BJP/Jan Samkh             : Shyamaprasad Mukharjee
  • CPI                                : MN Roy
  • BSP                               : Kanshiram
  • NCP                              : Sharad Pawar
  • Shiv Sena                      : Bal Thakkare
  • DMK                             : CN Annadurai
  • Anna DMK                   : MG Ramachandran
  • Dravida Kazhakam       : EV Ramaswamy Naikar
  • Rashtreeya Janatha Dal : Laluprasad Yadav
  • Trinamool Congress      : Mamata Banarjee
  • Praja Rajyam                 : Chiranjeevi
  • Telungu Desam              : NT Rama Rao
  • Kerala Congress             : KM George
  • JSS                                  : K R Gowri Amma
  • CMP                                : MV Raghavan
  • Lok Seva Party                : Kamala Surayya
  • Rashtreeya Maha Sabha  : CK Janu
  • Aam Admi Party             : Aravind Kejriwal
  • Largest majority of votes in Lok sabha election by

Preetham Munde in 16th Lok Sabha election (Maharashtra Beed Constituency)


  • If the voter is not satisfied with the candidates, he can cast vote called

NOTA (None of the above)


  • NOTA become legal on

27th September 2013


  • Organization that give public interest litigation for the legalisation of NOTA

People Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL)


  • PUCL formed under the leadership of

Jayaprakash Narayan (1976)


  • NOTA introduced in



  • First Asian country to introduce NOTA



  • 14th country to introduce NOTA



  • 15th country to introduce NOTA



  • NOTA was first counted in

New Delhi (2013 state election)


  • Percentage of NOTA in 16th election



  • Highest percentage of NOTA in 16th election was at

Puthuchery (3%)


  • Election to Panchayats co ordinated by

State election commission


  • State election commission is appointed by



  • First state election commissioner of Kerala

MSK Ramaswamy


  • Staus and salary of state election commission is same as that of

Judge of high court


  • Tenure of State election commission

5 Years or 65 years of age


  • State election commission of Kerala came into existence on

3rd December 1993


  • Article dealing with State election commission

Article 243 (K)


  • Present State election commissioner of Kerala

V Bhaskaran


  • State election commission is appointed by



  • Minimum age for contesting election to Panchayat



  • Deposit required to participate in Presidential and vice presidential election



  • Deposit required to participate in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha election

25000 (12500 for SC and ST)


  • Deposit required to participate in state legislative assembly election

10000 (5000 for SC\ST)


  • Union public service commission (UPSC) was established on

1st October 1926


  • Commission which recommended the formation of Union public service commission

Lee Commission


  • Article dealing with Union public service commission

Articl 315 to 326


  • No of members in Union public service commission

11 (Including Chairman)


  • No of members in Kerala public service commission

21 (Including Chairman)


  • Chairman and members of PSC are appointed under which article

Article 316


  • Chairman and members of UPSC and joint state PSC are appointed by



  • Chairman and members of UPSC and state PSC are removed by



  • Chairman and members of State PSC are appointed by



  • First Indian to become Chairman of UPSC

HK Kripalani


  • First Malayalee to become member of UPSC

Dr KG Adiyodi


  • First state PSC to setup online examination centre of its own

Kerala PSC


  • First state PSC to conduct online examination

Rajasthan PSC


  • Tenure of Chairman and members of UPSC

6 Years or 65 years of age


  • Tenure of Chairman and members of State PSC

6 Years or 62 years of age


  • First Chairman of UPSC

Sir Ross Barker


  • First woman Chairperson of UPSC

Rose Milen Bethew


  • Present Chairman of UPSC

David R Syiemlieh


  • Present Chairman of Kerala PSC

MK Sakkeer


  • Chairman and members of State PSC are submitting the resignation letter to



  • Chairman and members of UPSC and Joint state PSC are submitting resignation letter to



  • Who is called as the watchdog of the merit system in India



  • Travancore PSC established in



  • First commissioner of Travancore PSC

GD Nokes


  • Travancore PSC become Kerala PSC in



  • First chairman of Kerala PSC

E K Velayudhan


  • Agency responsible for recruiting personnel to middle and lower level services of Central Govt

SSC (Staff selection Commission)


  • SSC was established in

4th November 1975

(To be Continued…)