Assistant Constitution

Indian Constitution – 28

ഹൈക്കോടതി, ഇലക്ഷൻ കമ്മീഷൻ, ചീഫ് ഇലക്ഷൻ കമ്മീഷണർ എന്നിവരുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട ചോദ്യങ്ങളാണ് ഇന്നത്തെ പാഠത്തിൽ.

  • Indian High court Act was passed in

1861 (Lord Canning)


  • First High court in India was inaugurated during the period of

John Lawrence (1862, Calcutta, Bombay and Madras)


  • Article deling with High court

Article 214


  • High court judges are removed by

President (Same ground and manner of SC judge removal)


  • Oath of High court judges are administrated by

Governor of the state


  • Retirement age of High court judges



  • Salaries and allowances of High court judges are charged upon

Consolidated fund of the state


  • Pension of High court judges are charged upon

Consolidated fund of the India


  • Highest court of appeal in the state

High Court


  • As per Article 226, writs of the High court is

Wider than that of Supreme court as it also for other purposes than fundamental rights


  • No of High courts in India



  • Only Union territory having its own High court



  • High court having most no of states under that

Guwahati (4 states)


  • Andaman Nicobar islands are under the jurisdiction of

Kolkatta High court


  • Oldest high court in India

Kolkatta High court (1862)


  • High court having most number of judges

Allahabad High court


  • First woman chief justice of High court

Leila Seth (Himachal Pradesh)


  • First woman to become judge of a High court

Anna Chandi (Kerala) (First woman judge in Commonwealth countries)


  • First woman Magistrate in India

Omana Kunjamma


  • First woman advocate in India

Cornelia Sorabji


  • First Indian to become judge of High court

Sambhunath Pandit (1863, Calcutta)


  • First Indian to become chief justice of High court

PB Chakravarthi (1863, Calcutta)


  • First Indian court to be powered by Solar energy

Kunti District court (Jharkhand)


  • First cyber forensic laboratory in India was set up in

Tripura High Court (2013)


  • Kerala High court started on

1956 November 1 (At Eranakulam)


  • Union territory which comes under Kerala High court



  • Present chief justice of Kerala High court

Antony Dominic (2018 Feb 9 onwards)


  • First chief justice of Kerala High court

K T Koshi


  • First woman chief justice of Kerala High court

Sujatha Manohar


  • First Malayalee woman chief justice of Kerala High court

KK Usha


  • First judge of Kerala High court to resign from office

V Giri


  • Chancellor of National University of Advanced Legal Studies

Kerala High Court Cheif Justice


  • Last formed High courts in India

Manipur, Mekhalaya (25 March 2013), Thripura (26 March 2013)


  • Article deling with Election Commission

Article 324


  • Study and scientific analysis of Elections is called



  • Father of India Psephology

Pranoy Roy


  • Election Commission is a

Constitutional body


  • Responsiblities of Election Commission

Conducting elections to Parliament, State assemblies and to the offices of President and Vice president


  • Election Commission came into force on

25th January 1950


  • National voters day

25th January (2011 onwards)


  • Election Commission consists of

Chief election commissioner and two election commissioners


  • Tenure of Election Commissioners

6 years or 65 years of age


  • General Election to the first Lok Sabha was held in India between

25th October 1951 and 21st February 1952


  • First voting in the first general election was at

Chini Taluk of Himachal Pradesh


  • First voter in independent India

Shyam Saran Negi


  • For how many seats India’s first Lok Sabha election conducted

489 (INC won 364 seats)


  • Only one regional party to become main opposition party in Lok Sabha

Telugu Desam Party


  • Present (21st) Chief Election Commissioner of India

Achal Kumar Jyoti


  • Salary of Election Commissioners are equal to that of

Judge of SC


  • Who is responsible for issuing Voters list and giving accreditation to political parties

Election Commission of India


  • Right to vote in India based on

Universal adult franchise


  • Article dealing with Universal adult franchise

Article 326


  • First state to issue election identity cards to all voters



  • First state to computerize all voters list



  • First Chief election commissioner of India

Sukumar Sen


  • First Malayalee to become Chief election commissioner of India

T N Seshan


  • First woman chief election commissioner of India

V S Ramadevi


  • Shortest serving chief election commissioner of India

V S Ramadevi


  • Longest serving chief election commissioner of India

KVK Sundaram


  • Only Muslim chief election commissioner of India

S Y Khureshi


  • Voting age reduced to 18 from 21 by

61st Constitution amendment act 1988


  • Prime minister who reduced the voting age to 18

Rajiv Gandhi


  • Right to vote is a

Legal right


  • Election campaign should be stop

48 Hrs before the poling


  • Generally, polling starts at

7 am


  • In charge of a polling booth is called

Presiding officer


  • Minimum vote required to get the deposit money back is

1/6th of the total vote


  • Candidates submitting the nomination to

Returning officer


  • Present chief electoral officer of Kerala

E K Majhi


  • Chief election commissioner who introduced Photo identity cards

T N Sheshan


  • Voter verified paper audit trial introduced as experimental in

Nagaland Constituent assembly election 2013, Nokasen constituency


  • Maximum possible constituencies from which a candidate can compete in an election


(To be Continued…)