Assistant Constitution

Indian Constitution – 24

പാർലമെന്റിലെ ബില്ലുകൾ, മണി ബിൽ, പാർലമെൻറ് സെഷനുകൾ എന്നിവയാണ് ഇന്നത്തെ പാഠത്തിൽ.

  • Most important function of Parliament is



  • The legislative procedure is initiated in the form of a



  • A bill in Parliament become a law when

Passed by both the houses and assented to by the President


  • Bills are classified as

Ordinary bills, Money bills, Financial bills, Constitutional amendment bills


  • Bills which can be recommended only with the recommendation of the President are known as

Government bills


  • All bills other than Money bill, Financial bill and constitution amendment bill are classified as

Ordinary bills


  • Ordinary bills can be introduced in

Either house of the Parliament


  • How many readings are there for an Ordinary bill in Parliament

Three Readings


  • Article dealing with the Joint sitting of Parliament

Article 108


  • Situations to call for the Joint sitting of Parliament

Disagreement between the two houses, Or the second house not taking decision on a bill for Six Months


  • Who is responsible to summon the Joint sitting of Parliament



  • In the absence of Lok Sabha Speaker who will preside the Joint sitting of Parliament

Deputy Speaker


  • In the absence of Speaker and Deputy Speaker, who will preside over the Joint sitting of Parliament

Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha


  • First President to summon the Joint sitting of Parliament

Dr Rajendra Prasad


  • First Speaker to preside over the Joint sitting of Parliament

MA Ayyankar


  • Majority required to pass a bill in the Joint sitting of Parliament

Simple Majority


  • Which are the bills that cannot be passed in the Joint sitting of Parliament

Money Bill and Constitutional amendment bills


  • How many times the Joint sitting of Parliament happened

Three times


  • First Joint sitting of Parliament was for

Dowry Prohibition Bill 1961


  • Second Joint sitting of Parliament was for

Banking Service Commission Bill 1978


  • Third and final Joint sitting of Parliament was for

POTA Bill 2002 (Prevention of Terrorism Act)


  • Article dealing with Money bill

Article 110


  • What kind of bills are considered as Money bill

Bill dealing with the imposition, abolition, remission, alteration or regulation of any tax, regulating the borrowing power of states or matters related to consolidated fund and Contingency fund


  • To introduce a Money bill in Parliament prior recommendation from whom is needed



  • Rajya Sabha should return a Money bill within

14 Days


  • The executive authority of Money bill

Lok Sabha


  • The President cannot return

Money Bills


  • Money bill can be introduced only in

Lok Sabha


  • Best Parliamentarian award is given by

Indian Parliamentary Group


  • First member to receive Best Parliamentarian award

Indrajith Gupta


  • Which is called as First estate



  • Which is called as Second estate



  • Which is called as Third estate



  • Which is called as Fourth estate



  • Land Acquisition Act came into effect on

2014 January 1


  • How many sessions are in Parliament



  • Budget session of the Parliament

February to March


  • Monsoon session of the Parliament

July to September


  • Winter session of the Parliament

November to December


  • Maximum time gap between two sessions of the Parliament

Six Months


  • Parliament must meet how many times in a year



  • Vote by the speaker in case of a tie

Casting vote


  • Kerala Speaker who did the maximum number of casting votes

AC Jose (8 Times)


  • If no party can get a clear majority after the election, the government formed by two or more parties together is called

Coalition Government

(To be Continued…)