Assistant Constitution

Indian Constitution – 22

ലോക്സഭയെ കുറിച്ചുള്ള ചോദ്യങ്ങളാണ് ഇന്നത്തെ പാഠത്തിലുള്ളത്.

  • Lok Sabha Constituted under which article

Article 81


  • Hindi name of Lok Sabha was adopted on

14th May 1954


  • Color of carpet in Lok Sabha



  • Seats in Lok Sabha arranged in which shape



  • Maximum strength of Lok Sabha fixed at

552 (530 from states 29 from Union Territories)


  • No of nominated seats in Lok Sabha



  • Current strength of Lok Sabha shall be continued up to



  • Present no of seats in Lok Sabha



  • Lok Sabha member will lose his membership if he didn’t take part in the session continuously for

60 Days


  • Longest Lok Sabha

5th Lok Sabha (1971-77, 5 Years 10 months and 6 days)


  • Shortest Lok Sabha

12th Lok Sabha (1998-99, 1 Year 1 month and 4 days)


  • The president who dissolve the shortest Lok Sabha

KR Narayanan


  • 16th Lok Sabha was formed in

May 2014


  • Maximum members to Lok Sabha from

UP (80)


  • No of Lok Sabha members from Kerala



  • Who is known as the father of Lok Sabha

GA Mavlankar


  • First speaker of Lok Sabha

GA Mavlankar


  • First Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

MA Ayyankar


  • First secretary general of Lok Sabha

MN Kaul


  • Seating position of ruling party in Lok Sabha

Right side of the Speaker


  • Seating position of the opposition party in Lok Sabha

Left side of the Speaker


  • First Malayalee to be nominated to the Lok Sabha

Charles Dias


  • First Malayalee to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha

Sardar KM Panicker


  • The states which have only one member each in the Lok Sabha

Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim


  • Tenure of Rajya Sabha Member

6 Years


  • Tenure of Lok Sabha Member

5 Years


  • Tenure of Lok Sabha

5 Years


  • Tenure of Rajya Sabha

No fixed tenure


  • Lok Sabha having most no of women representation

16th Lok Sabha (66 members)


  • Money bill can be introduced only in

Lok Sabha


  • No Confidence motion can be introduced and passed only in

Lok Sabha


  • Council of Ministers collectively responsible to the

Lok Sabha


  • A resolution to discontinue a National emergency can be passed only by

Lok Sabha


  • First woman Lok Sabha Member from Kerala

Annie Mascarene


  • Woman representative of Kerala in 16th Sabha Member

PK Sreemathy


  • First woman Rajya Sabha Member from Kerala

Lakshmi N Menon


  • First woman to be nominated to the Lok Sabha

Marjorie Godfrey


  • First woman to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha

Rukmini Devi Arundale


  • First film actress to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha

Nargis Dutt


  • First poet to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha

Maithili Sharan Gupta


  • Longest serving Lok Sabha member

Indrajith Gupta (11 times)


  • Longest serving Rajya Sabha member

Najam Heptulla (6 times)


  • Presiding officer of Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha Speaker


  • Lok Sabha speaker can continue in his position until

After the Lok Sabha dissolution and till new elected Lok Sabha constituted


  • Who has the responsibility to uphold the dignity and privileges of Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha

(To be Continued…)