General Science – 02

  •  Father of Biology?


Ans : Aristotle


  • The term’ Biology’ is coined by which French naturalist?


Ans : Jean Lamarck.


  • Father of Natures History/ Father of Biology?


Ans : Aristotle


  • Father of Botany?


Ans : Theophrastus


  • Father of DNA Finger Printing?


Ans : Prof.Alec Jeffreys
  •  Father of Genetics?


Ans : Gregor John Mendel


  • Father of Parasitology?


Ans : Platter


  • Father of Gene therapy?


Ans : Anderson


  • Father of Ethology?


Ans : Konrad Lorentz


  •  Father of Antibiotics?


Ans : Alexander Fleming


  • Father of Taxonomy?


Ans : Carolus Linnaeus


  •  Father ofImmunology?


Ans : Edward Jenner


  •  Father of Microbiology?


Ans : Louis Pasteur


  • Father of Pathology?


Ans : Rudolph Virchow


  •  Father of Cytology?


Ans : Robert Hook


  •  Father of Bacteriology?


Ans : Robert Koch


  • Father of Blood Circulation?


Ans : William Harvey


  •  Father of Virology?


Ans : W.M.Stanley


  • Father of Conditioned Reflex?


Ans : Ivan Pavlov


  • Father of Modem Embryology?


Ans : Ernst von Baer


  • “Cell” which is the smallest and fundamental unit of life was discovered by?


Ans : Robert Hook in 1665 and published under the title Micrographia.


  • The largest cell is?


Ans : Egg of Ostrich.


  •  The largest human cell is?


Ans : Ovum.


  • Which is the longest cell in the human body?


Ans : Nerve cell(neuron)


  • The number of chromosomes in a human cell is?


Ans : 23 pairs (46 number)


  •  The cell with the longest lifespan of our body is?


Ans : Nerve Cell


  •  A.T.P (Adenosine Triphosphate) synthesise is the function of?


Ans : Mitochondria


  • What is known as the powerhouse of the cell?


Ans : Mitochondria


  • What is known as “suicide bags”?


Ans : Lysosomes


  •  List the Diseases Caused By Bacteria?


Ans : Leprosy; Tetanus; Whooping Cough; Typhoid Fever; Cholera; Plague; Tuberculosis; Meningitis; Bacterial Pneumonia; Diarrhoea; Diphtheria; Bacterial dysentery; Anthrax; Syphilis and Gonorrhoea.