Assistant Facts on India

Facts about India – 22

826. In which year Gandhi-Irwin Pact was signed?

– 1931


827. Who founded the Poona Sarvajanik Sabha in 1870?

– MG Ranade


828. Who said ” Satyagraha is the tool of strong people”?

– Mahatma Gandhi


829. Who was called ‘Lok Manya’?

– Bal Gangadhar Tilak


830. Who headed the boundary commission appointed to demarcate the boundary between India and Pakistan?

– Cyril Radcliff


831. Who was elected as the president in the All India Kisan Sabha held in Lucknow in 1936?

– Swami Sahajanand Saraswati


832. The only Keralite to become the president of INC:

– C Sankaran Nair


833. Who authored ‘Arctic Horne in the Vedas’?

– Bal Gangadhar Tilak


834. Who started the Self Respect Movement in Tamil Nadu?

– E.V. Ramaswami Naicker


835. Who founded the Hindu Maha Sabha?

– MM Malavya


836. Who is regarded as the father of ‘The Two Nation Theory’?

– M.A. Jinnah


837. Who wrote the book ”What Congress and Gandhi have done to untouchables’?

– B.R. Ambedkar


838. Who was the political guru of Gopala Krishna Gokhale?

– M.G. Ranade


839. Who coined the term ‘Satyagraha’?

– Gandhiji


840. The president of India, who was formerly the chairman of Constituent Assembly:

– Dr Rajendraprasad


841. Who was known as ‘Desh bandu’?

– Chittaranjan Das


842. Who wrote the book ‘Gandhi and Anarchy’?

– C.Sankaran Nair


843. In which year Gandhiji visited Kerala for the first time?

– 1920


844. The battle of Kalinga was in:

-261 BC


845. Which is called ‘The Manual of Mauryan Empire’?

– Arthasasthra


846. The capital of Pallavas was:

– Kancheepuram


847. The Sangam was held under the royal patronage of:

– Pandyas


848. Who was the Viceroy when Indian Penal Code was brought into effect?

– Lord Canning


849. Name the Governor General who introduced Doctrine of Lapse:

– Dalhousie


850. The first British Viceroy of India:

– Canning

Indian States and Capitals

851. The capital of Andhra Pradesh:

(a) Visakhapatnam (b) Kurnul
(c) Rajamundry (d) Hyderabad

Answer: (d)

852. The capital of Arunachal Pradesh:

(a) Dispur (b) Itanagar
(c) Shillong (d) Kohima

Answer: (b)

853. The capital of Assam:

(a)Guwahati (b) Aiswal
(c) Dispur (d) Shillong

Answer: (c)

854. The capital of Bihar:

(a)Raipur (b) Ranchi
(c) Patna (d) Lucknow

Answer: (c)

855. Raipur is the capital of ……..

(a) Jharkhand (b) Chhatisgarh
(c) Bihar (d) Uttarakhand

Answer: (b)

856. The capital of Goa:

(a) Vasco da Gama (b) Margao
(c) Ponda (d) Panaji

Answer: (d)

857. The capital of Gujarat:

(a)Ahmedabad (b) Surat
(c) Vadodara (d) Gandhinagar

Answer: (d)

858. The capital of Haryana and Punjab:

(a) Chandigarh (b) Karnal
(c) Panipat (d) Faridabad

Answer: (a)

859. The capital of Himachal Pradesh:

(a) Dharmasthala (b) Shimla
(c) Kangra (d) Bilaspur

Answer: (b)

860. Summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir:

(a) Jammu (b) Srinagar
(c) Leh (d) Udhampur

Answer: (b)

861. The capital of Jharkhand:

(a) Ranchi (b) Jamshedpur
(c) Dhanbad (d) Bokaro

Answer: (a)

862. The capital of Karnataka:

(a) Mysore (b) Srirangapatnam
(c) Mangalore (d) Bangalore

Answer: (d)

863. The capital of Madhya Pradesh:

(a) Gwalior (b) Jabalpur
(c) Bhopal (d) Vidisha

Answer: (c)

864. The capital of Maharashtra:

(a) Nagpur (b) Nasik
(c) Mumbai (d) Pune

Answer: (c)

865. The capital of Manipur:

(a) Shillong (b) Imphal
(c) Kohima (d) Itanagar

Answer: (b)

866. The capital of Meghalaya:

(a) Kohima (b) Shillong
(c) Itanagar (d) Imphal

Answer: (b)

867. The capital of Mizoram:

(a) Aiswal (b) Kohima
(c) Dispur (d) Gangtok

Answer: (a)

868. The capital of Nagaland:

(a) Dispur (b) Gangtok
(c) Kohima (d) Shillong

Answer: (c)

869. The capital of Odisha:

(a) Puri (b) Cuttack
(c) Rourkela (d) Bhubaneswar

Answer: (d)

870. The capital of Rajastan:

(a)Jodhpur (b) Kota
(c) Udaipur (d) Jaipur

Answer: (d)

871. The capital of Sikkim:

(a) Gangtok (b) Dispur
(c) Itanagar (d) Kohima

Answer: (a)

872. The capital of Tamil Nadu:

(a) Coimbatore (b) Madurai
(c) Chennai (d) Thiruchirappally

Answer: (c)

873. The capital of Tripura:

(a) Itanagar (b) Kohima
(c) Gangtok (d) Agartala

Answer: (d)

874. The capital of Uttarakhand:

(a) Nainital (b) Haridwar
(c) Dehra Dun (d) Rishikesh

Answer: (c)

875. The capital of West Bengal:

(a) Bhubaneswar (b) Patna
(c) Darjeeling (d) Kolkata

Answer: (d)