Assistant Facts on India

Facts about India – 14

426. Buland Darwaza was built by Whom?



427. The title `Vikramaditya’ was assumed by?

Chandra Gupta II


428. The transfer of Capital to Devagiri from Delhi by Mohammed Bin Tuglak had one good effect that is?

The country could now be governed from a central place


429. The most noteworthy difference between the Cholas and the other Indian rulers of the time is seen in?

Cholas encouragement to Local Self Government in Villages


430. Who was the last Hindu King of Northern India?

Harsha Vardhana


431. Railway was introduced in India by?

Lord Dalhousie


432. Who designed the City of Chandigarh?

Le Corbusier


433. The first Women President of Indian National Congress?

Annie Besant


434. Who wrote National Anthem of India?

Rabindranath Tagore


435. Who gave the call “Dilli Chalo”?

Subash Chandra Bose


436. Srikakulam is the Capital of which dynasty?



437. The author of “Natyasastra”?



438. The famous Gayathri Manthram is in ….?

Rig Veda


439. Who wrote Aryabhateeyam?



440. “Call Him Ram, Rahim, Allah, Khuda, Hari, Govind but He is one” Who proclaimed this?

Tulsi Das


441. The Grand Trunk Road was built by?

Sher Shah Suri


442. Megasthenes was the ambassador of?

Seleucus Nikator


443. The battle of Plassey (1757) was fought between….?

Robert Clive and Siraj – ud- daulah


444.”Kuchipudi” dance form originated in?

Kuchelapuram in Andhra Pradesh


445. Who founded the Sunga Dynasty?

Pushyamitra Sunga


446. Patanjali lived in whose Court?

Pushya Mitra’s


447. Who is known as “Constantine of Buddhism”?



448. Asoka was initiated to Buddhism by whom?



449. The last ruler of Satavahana dynasty?

Yajnashri Satakarni


450. The Capital of Kanishka empire?



451. Red Fort was built by whom?

Shah Jahan


452. Which ruler of Gupta Dynasty adopted the name “Maharajadhiraja”?

Chandragupta I


453. The Allahabad Pillar inscription composed by Harisena Contain………?

Information about samudhragupta’s conquest


454. Who gave Raja Ram Mohan Roy the title “Raja”?

Akbar Shah II


455. Famous Ayurveda Physician of Gupta Age?



456. The World famous universities “Nalanda and Taxila” belongs to ……. period?



457. Who is popular by the names “Indian Shakespeare and Prince of Indian Poets?



458. The government emblem of Gupta dynasty?



459. The Huna king Mihirakula’s Capital?



460. Who built Shiva Temple at Thanjavur?

Raja Raja Chola


461. Pulikeshin II was the most famous ruler of …..dynasty?

Chalukya Dynasty


462. The last Hindu king of Delhi?

Prithviraj Chauhan


463. Who was the founder of Pallava Dynasty?

Simha Vishnu


464. The Kailashnath Temple at Ellora was built by…?

Krishna I of Rashtrakuta dynasty


465. The Pala dynasty was founded by whom?



466. The Brihadeswara Temple at Thanjavur was built by whom?

Raja Raja Chola


467. Which ruler adopted the title “Gangaikonda Chola”?

Rajendra I of Chola dynasty


468. Who wrote Tamil Ramayana?



469. The Hoysala dynasty (1027-1343) was founded by whom?



470. Who wrote Raja Tarangini?



471.The Chola ruler who founded the city of Kaveripatnam?

Karikala Chola


472. Who wrote Budha Charitha, Sutralankar, and Saundrananda?



473. The famous Buddhist monk who propound the famous philosophy of `Madhyamika’?



474. India’s first carbon-free state:

 Himachal Pradesh


475. The main language of Himachal Pradesh: