Assistant Facts on India

Facts about India – 04

101. Which commission was enquired into the assassination of Indira Gandhi?

Thakkar Commission


102. Which portfolio was taken over by Jawaharlal Nehru from VK Krishna Menon in the wake of Chinese aggression of 1962?



103. Birla House, where Gandhiji was assassinated, is in:



104. For how many days Gandhiji was imprisoned in South Africa?



105. In his life, Gandhiji has undergone imprisonment for …… days.



106. Jawaharlal Nehru met Gandhiji for the first time at the Lucknow session of Indian National Congress held in the year____ :



107. Subash Chandra Bose became the President of Indian National Congress for the first time in:



108. The journals ‘Al Hilal’ and ‘Al Balal’ were launched by:

Abul Kalam Azad


109. The Prime Minister of India when India celebrated the golden jubilee of its



110. What was the post held by Gandhiji in NatalIndian Congress in South Africa?

Honorary Secretary


111. Who authored Gandhiji’s favourite prayer ‘Vaishnava Janato’?

Narasimha Mehta


112. Who became the acting prime minister of India after Jawaharlal Nehru:

Gulsarilal Nanda


113. Who formed the Widow Remarriage Association in Poona?

Dhondo Keshav Karve


114. Who wrote ‘India Divided’?

Dr Rajendraprasad


115. Who is known as the father of Indian Politics and Economics?

Dadabhai Navroji


116. In which year Gandhiji established Sabarmati Ashram?



117. Gandhiji conducted his first Satyagraha in South Africa to protest against:

Asiatic Law Amendment Ordinance Bill


118. In 1878, some of the followers left the organisation led by Keshav Chandra Sen and formed new organisation named Sadharan Brahma Samaj. Who among the following was the leader of it?

Anand Mohan Bose


119. The Mauryan emperor who gave attention to Municipal administration:

Chandragupta Maurya


120. The Viceroy when Rowlatt Act was passed?

Lord Chelmsford


121. Which event in Buddha’s life is symbolized by Stupa?



122. Who launched the journal ‘Pakhtoon’?

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan


123. Who led Adi Brahma Samaj after the schism in Brahma Samaj?

Debendranath Tagore


124. Who wrote ‘Essays on Gita’ and ‘Life Divine’?

Aurobindo Ghosh


125. Who is regarded as the first great leader of modern India?-

Raja Ram Mohun Roy


126. Who became the President of Indian National Congress for the longest continuous period before independence?

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad


127. Who founded Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan?



128. Who authored ‘Mathavilasaprahasanam’?

Mahendravarman I


129. Whom the British called ‘the father of Indian unrest’?

Bal Gangadhar Tilak


130. The author of ‘Unhappy India’:

Lala Lajpat Rai


131. Which place was a factor in conflict during the tripartite struggle:



132. Who founded the Tatvabodhini Sabha in 1839?

Debendranath Tagore


133. Who were the Bose brothers in the national movement?

Sarath Chandra Bose and Subash Chandra Bose


134. The author of Hind Swaraj?

Mahatma Gandhi


135. In which state, Porbandar, the birthplace of Gandhiji is situated?



136. Who represented Hindu community in the Second Round Table Conference’?

Madan Mohan Malavya


137. Who founded the famous Hindu College in Calcutta?

David Hare


138. The leader who ended Satyagraha at Guruvayur as directed by Gandhiji:



139. Vernacular Press Act was passed in:



140. Which Indus valley site is situated near Gulf of Cambay?



141. Who coined the term Pakistan for the first time?

Rehmat Ali


142. Who led the march in connection with salt satyagraha in Tamil Nadu, from
Thiruchirappally to Vedaranyam?



143. Who said ‘Political freedom is the life breath of a nation’?

Aurobindo Ghosh


144. Who was called ‘Desh Nayak”?

Subhas Chandra Bose


145. Who was called ‘the Prince of Martyrs’?

Bhagat Singh


146. Who was popularly called ‘Bengal Tiger’?

Bipin Chandra Pal


147. Third Round Table Conference was held in:



148. In which session of the INC Gandhiji became President?

1924 Belgaum (Karnataka)


149. Lal Bahadur Shastri is the first to get Bharat Ratna posthumously. He got Bharat Ratna in:



150. At what age Gandhiji decided to adopt brahmacharya?