Assistant English

English Model Questions – 15

1. You…. Cross the road when the lights are red

(Must, Must not, Need not) ?

2. When he was about to be arrested he…… the police

(Went for, Went to, Went in)

3. You will get high marks, if you _________

(worked hard, had worked hard, work hard) ?

4. Opposite of “Advance”

(Remain, Repel, Retreat) ?

5. The number of soldiers killed in the war ___ not large

(Was, were, is) ?

6. Hobson’s choice means

(The best choice, The last choice, Option of taking one offered or nothing) ?

7. Though he worked hard…. He failed

(When, Yet, Than) ?

8. Neither of the students knew the answer,________

(Do they?, Did they?, Didn’t they?) ?

9. Synonym of “Profuse”

(Plan, lavish, Clear) ?

10. Find out the correct spelling

(Lieutenant, Lieutenent, Leiutanant) ?

11. He ______know the right answer

(don’t, doesn’t, didn’t) ?

12. He has a deep distrust…… his neighbors

(To, By, Of) ?

13. Benevolence means

(happy, kindness, cruelty) ?

14. She…. to India six years ago

(Came, Has come, Was come)

15. I ___ playing tennis with Paise for a week now

(Played, have been playing, was playing) ?


1.  Must not 2. Went for 3. work hard 4. Retreat 5. is 6. Option of taking one offered or nothing 7. Yet 8. Did they? 9. lavish 10. Lieutenant 11. doesn’t 12. Of 13. kindness 14. Came 15. have been playing