Assistant English

English Model Questions – 01

Question 1 to 5 : Choose synonymous word

1. To surprise somebody greatly:

[a] Appraise
[b] Antonyms
[c] Astonish
[d] Reveal

2. To make something more important that is really:

[a] Excess
[b] Elaborate
[c] Stress upon
[d] Exaggerate

3. Express one’s opinion without evidence or full knowledge:

[a] Specify
[b] Speculate
[c] Concede
[d] Sensing

4. An event that will happen soon:

[a] Imminent
[b] Damn sure
[c] Immense
[d] Immutable

5. To lead somebody to do something:

[a] Persuade
[b] Placate
[c] Persecute
[d] Perpend

Questions 6 to 10 : Four words are given in each. Three of them can be grouped together applying a principle. One word does not belong to the group. Find it out.

6. [a] Violet [b] Blue [c] Magenda [d] Green

7. [a] Cucumber [b] Carrot [c] Brinjal [d] Ladies Finger

8. [a] Yaswanth Sinha [b] Jaswant Singh [c] Satrugnan Sinha [d] Manmohan Singh

9. [a] Cancel [b] Nullify [c] Void [d] Confirm

10. [a] Wholesaler [b] Retailer [c] Tailor [d] Trader


1. [c] Astonish 2. [d] Exaggerate 3. [b] Speculate 4. [a] Imminent 5. [a] Persuade 6. [c] Magenda 7. [b] Carrot 8. [c] Satrugnan Sinha 9. [d] Confirm 10. [c] Tailor