Assistant Facts on Kerala

Districts of Kerala – Kasaragod

  • Year of formation: 1984, May 24


  • Kasargod is the last district formed in Kerala.


  • Neeleswaram is known as the ‘Cultural Capital of Kasaragod’.


  • The northernmost place in Kerala, Thalappady, is in Kasargod district.


  • Kasaragod is the northernmost district in Kerala and the northernmost taluk in Kerala is also Kasaragod.


  • The only district in Kerala where tobacco is cultivated (Neeleswaram region).


  • Kasaragod is known as the ‘Land of Gods’


  • Among the districts in Kerala, the largest number of languages are spoken in Kasaragod district.


  • Kasargod has the most number of rivers in Kerala.


  • The first Telemedicine system was started in Kasaragod.


  • The first bio district is Kasaragod


  • Cheemeni Thermal Power Plant is in Kasaragod


  • The second open jail was started in Cheemeni.


  • Konkani and Tulu are the languages spoken in Kasaragod district, besides Malayalam.


  • The first fully blood donation Panchayat in Kerala is Madikai in Kasaragod district.


  • Tourist spots like Bekal Fort, Chandragiri Fort and Kappil beach are in Kasaragod district.


  • The use of pesticide ‘Endosulphan’ caused many disasters in Kasaragod district.


  • Kasaragod leads in the production of Arecanut in Kerala.


  • The most popular art form in Kasaragod district is Yakshaganam.