Assistant IT & Cyber Laws

Cyber Laws – 14

മാൽവെയർ, സ്പൈവെയർ, ക്രിപ്‌റ്റോഗ്രഫി, നമ്പർ സിസ്റ്റം, ഫയൽ ടൈപ്പുകൾ, പ്രധാന കമ്പനികളുടെ സ്ലോഗനുകൾ തുടങ്ങിയവയുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട ചോദ്യങ്ങളാണ് ഇന്നത്തെ പാഠത്തിൽ.

  • General term used to refer malicious software that can harm the computer


  • In Cyberlaw, malware is known as

Computer Contaminant

  • Examples of Malware

Computer viruses, Worms, Trojan horses, Spyware etc

  • The most dangerous computer malware


  • Type of malware that downloads itself onto the computer system through an email or downloaded program


  • Malware that scans computer hard disk automatically for personal information and sends collected data to individuals who created


  • Protection scheme for data which protects our information system from unsecured public network


  • Examples of Firewall software

Comodo, Ashampoo, Agnitum Outpost, Zone Alarm etc

  • Science of secret writing


  • Process of transporting plain text to unreadable scrambled text


  • Encrypted script is known as


  • Reverse process of encryption or the process of converting unreadable cipher text to plain text


  • The word Cryptography originated from

Latin words Kryptos means secret and Graphene means writing

  • Electronic files that are used to identify people and resources over internet

Digital Signature

  • Data that ensure the credibility of the sender, who sends the data over internet

Digital Signature

  • Type of Digital number systems

Decimal systems, Binary systems, Octal Systems and Hexadecimal systems

  • Base of Decimal number systems


  • Base of Binary number systems

2 (0 and 1)

  • Base of Octal number systems


  • Base of HexaDecimal number systems

16 (0-9 and A to F)

  • One’s complement in Binary system is obtained by

Changing its 1’s to 0’s and 0’s to 1’s

  • Two’s complement in Binary system is obtained by

Converting the value to its complement and add 1 to the complement

Decimal   Binary   Octal   Hexadecimal
0          0000        0             0
1          0001        1             1
2          0010        2             2
3          0011        3             3
4          0100        4             4
5          0101        5             5
6          0110        6             6
7          0111        7             7
8          1000       10            8
9          1001       11            9
10         1010       12            A
11         1011       13            B
12         1100       14            C
13         1101       15            D
14         1110       16            E
15         1111       17            F

  • Miracle child in electronics is


  • The word Nano stands for

One billionth part

  • Verification of username and password is known as


  • Specially designed chips that reside other devices such as car or electronic equipment

Embedded Computers

  • Mathematics employed in computer is called

Boolean Algebra

  • Personal computer developed by Intel for the school students


  • Extention .txt is for

Text file

  • Extention .pdf is for

Portable Documet Format file

  • Extention .gif, .bmp is for

Image file

  • Extention .jpg is for

JPEG Image file

  • Extention .mpg, .mov is for

Animation\movie file

  • Extention .mp3 is for

Audio file

  • Extention .html is for

Web page file

  • Theme of 2017 Internet security day (February 7)

Be the change: Unite for better Internet

  • Venue of 2017 world internet conference

Wuzhen, China

  • First (Main) page of a website is known as


  • Deleted files are temporarily stored in

Recycle bin

  • Measurement of bit rate of consumed data of communication resources over a network is known as


  • Slogan of Google

Don’t be evil

  • Slogan of Microsoft

Be what’s next (Old slogan : Your potential, our passion)

  • Slogan of Infosys

Powered by intellect, driven by values

  • Slogan of Wipro

Applying thoughts

(To be Continued…)