Company/Board/Corporation Assistant – Detailed Syllabus

Detailed Syllabus of Company/Board/Corporation Assistant exam that is going to be held by Kerala PSC in 2018. This is a graduate level examination. The exam recruits for Various Companies, Boards and Corporations like KSRTC, KSEB and KSFE.

Total Marks: 100

Time of Exam: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Main Topics:-
Part I : Quantitative Aptitude
Part II : Mental Ability & Test of Reasoning
Part III: General Science
Part IV: Current Affairs
Part V : Facts on India
Part VI: Facts on Kerala
Part VII: Constitution of India & Civil Rights
Part VIII: General English
Part IX : Regional Language (Malayalam/Tamil/Kannada)
Part X : IT&Cyber Laws

1. Quantitative Aptitude

Numbers – Test of Divisibility – H.C.F & L.C.M – Simplification – Ratio & Proportions – Percentage – Interest – Time & Work – Time & Distance – Area – Volume – Calendar – Clocks – Trains – Problems on Age – Etc

2. Mental Ability And Reasoning

Calculations & Logic – Coding & Decoding – Classification – Synonym – Antonym – Letter & Number Series – Odd Man Out – Analogy – Common Sense Test – Alphabetical Arrangement of Words – Date and Calendar – Sense of Direction – Etc

3. General Science

Common Scientific Facts – Important Scientific Phenomena – Other Basic Facts In The Field Of Science – Etc

4. Current Affairs

Important World, National And Regional Events Related To The Political And Scientific Fields, Sports, Cinema And Literature

5. Facts On India

Geography Of India- Physical Features- Climate-Soil – Rivers- Famous Sites – Etc.
Demography- Economic And Social Development-Poverty Alleviation-Economy And Planning-Etc.
History Of India- Period From 1857 To 1947- National Movement- Etc.

6. Facts On Kerala

Geographical Facts-Physical Features- Climate-Soils – Rivers-Famous Sites–  Renaissance of Kerala – Important Events/ Movements/Leaders – Etc

7. Constitution Of India And Civil Rights

Basic Facts-Features-Citizenship- Fundamental Rights & Duties- Directive Principle- Union Government- Legislature- State Executive – Union Territories- Apex Courts- Comptroller and Auditor General- Public Service Commissions and Other Important Offices- Important Amendments- Etc.
Rights – Right to Education – Human Rights – Human Rights Commission – Rights to Information – – Information Commission – Social Audit – Lokayukta – Ombudsman – Women Empowerment – Women’s Commission – Legislation against Child Labour and Atrocities against women and Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes – Etc

8. General English

Grammar- Agreement of Subject and Verb- Confusing Adjectives and Adverbs- Comparison of Adjectives- Correct usage of Articles – Prepositions- Direct and Indirect Speech- Active and Passive Voice- Correction in Sentences-Etc. Vocabulary- Gender- Singular and Plural- Synonyms- Antonyms- One word Substitutes- Problem concerning words- Idioms and their meanings-Etc

9. Regional Language (Malayalam/Kannada/Tamil)

Grammar, Comprehension, Translation, Literature etc.

10. IT & Cyber Laws

Fundamentals of Computers-Internet Etc.-Cyber Laws