Civil Police Officer – Syllabus

This is the full syllabus of Kerala PSC Civil Police Officer – Police Constable exam syllabus 2018.

Part I: General Knowledge And Current Affairs


  • English Grammar

1. Types of Sentences and Interchange of Sentences.
2. Different Parts of Speech.
3. Agreement of Verb and Subject.
4. Confusion of Adjectives and Adverbs.
5 Comparison of Adjectives
6. Adverbs and Position of adverbs
7. Articles – The Definite and the Indefinite Articles.
8. Uses of Primary and Model Auxiliary Verbs
9. Tag Questions
10. Infinitive and Gerunds
11. Tenses
12. Tenses in Conditional Sentences
13. Prepositions
14. The Use of Correlatives
15. Direct and Indirect Speech
16. Active and Passive voice
17. Correction of Sentences


  • Vocabulary

1. Singular & Plural, Change of Gender, Collective Nouns
2. Word formation from other words and use of prefix or suffix
3. Compound words
4. Synonyms
5. Antonyms
6. Phrasal Verbs
7. Foreign Words and Phrases
8. One Word Substitutes
9. Words often confused
10. Spelling Test
11. Idioms and their Meanings
12.Translation of a sentence/proverb into Malayalam

Part III: Simple Arithmetic & Mental Ability