Assistant Topics

Assistant Special Selected Questions 06



1. The phrase/idiom that means ‘One who argues against a cause or position, not as a committed opponent but simply for the sake of argument or to determine the validity of the cause or position’:

(a) A doubting Thomas
(b) Darkhorse
(c) Devil’s advocate
(d) Against the clock

2. ‘Per capita’ means:

(a) For each person
(b) For each student
(c) For each woman
(d) For each boy

3. He takes pride ____ his son.

(a) of
(b) in
(c) about
(d) for

4. The meaning of ‘COMMEND’:

(a) Order
(b) Praise
(c) Remark
(d) Perform

5. Joint sovereignty exercised over a country by two or more countries.

(a) Pandemonium
(b) Colonialism
(c) Enclave
(d) Condominium

6. Which part of the sentence has an error?

(a) The behaviour/
(b) of the/
(c) children were/
(d) excellent

7. The synonym of ‘EXTRICATE’:

(a) Intricate
(b) Tie
(c) Difficult
(d) Free

8. ‘Pillar to post’ means:

(a) Home to post office
(b) Office to office
(c) Home to office
(d) Place to place

9. The opposite of ‘Capricious’:

(a) Mercurial
(b) Unreliable
(c) Impulsive
(d) Predictable

10.‘Per diem’ means:

(a) Per year
(b) Per day
(c) In a body
(d) Everybody

11. A teacher ______ friendly with the students.

(a) should
(b) should be
(c) can
(d) must

12.He did not qualify _____ the job.

(a) for
(b) to
(c) against
(d) with

13.I’m late for the meeting. It started about ten minutes _____.

(a) ago
(b) before
(c) since
(d) ahead

14.____ Dutch defeated ____ Portuguese in the battle.

(a) A,the
(b) A,a
(c) The,the
(d) The, an

15.Find out which part of the sentence has an error?

(a) Bad Husbands
(b) often have
(c) good wife
(d) No error

16.Which is opposite in meaning to ‘OBSCURE’:

(a) Vacant
(b) Seldom
(c) Distinct
(d) Unusual

17._____ does UNO stands for?

(a) What
(b) Which
(c) Where
(d) Who

18.The crowd threw stones at the police, heedless ___ the consequences.

(a) of
(b) with
(c) at
(d) over

19.She was surprised that he knew her name. She _____ never met him before.

(a) was
(b) were
(c) did
(d) had

20.The world needs to depend on other energy resources, _____ oil and other natural resources.

(a) beside
(b) likewise
(c) besides
(d) also besides

21.‘Flying colours’ means:

(a) Great victory
(b) Dark colours
(c) Light colours
(d) Cowardice

22.His views are do not accord ____ mine.

(a) in
(b) by
(c) for
(d) with

23.The correctly spelt word is:

(a) Obsene
(b) Obseen
(c) Obscene
(d) Obzene

24.A vehicle for carrying dead body at a funeral:

(a) Hearse
(b) Coffin
(c) Bier
(d) Cenotaph

25.These are books without ____ you cannot write the examination.

(a) which
(b) that
(c) whom
(d) who


1 (c) 2(a) 3 (b) 4 (b) 5(d) 6(c) 7(d) 8(d) 9(d) 10(b) 11(b) 12(a) 13(a) 14(c) 15(c) 16(c)17(a) 18(a) 19(d) 20(c) 21(a) 22(d) 23(c) 24(a) 25(a)