English Topics

ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് 11


A bolt from the blue         : Unexpected incident

A stone through                : Short distance

A chip on your shoulder   : Being upset about something that happened in past

A slap on the wrist            : Very mild punishment

Add fuel to the fire           : To worsen a situation

A wolf in sheep clothing  : A person who cannot be trusted

Against the clock             : As fast as possible before a deadline

All Greek to me               : Something which cannot be understood

An arm and a leg             : Very expensive

An axe to grind                : To have a dispute with someone

At the eleventh hour        : At the last moment

At the drop a hat              : Showing readiness

At one’s wit’s end             : Not knowing what to do

At sixes and sevens          : In utter disorder

Baker’s dozen                   : Thirteen

Beat a dead horse             : To force an issue that has already ended

Beating around the bush  : Avoiding the main topic

Bite your tongue              : To avoid talking

Blue moon                         : A rare event

Burn the candle at both ends : Exhaust ones physical or mental resources by over work

Burn one’s fingers              : Get oneself into trouble

Call a spade a spade           : Speak frankly

Cock and bull story            : Unbelievable story

Come off with flying colors : Highly successful

Cry over split milk             : Regret over past action

Dark horse                          : Unexpected winner

Dutch courage                    : Courage shown after become drunk

Eat humble pie                   : Become humble after ill luck

Fish in trouble water          : Make profit when others in trouble

Flesh and blood                  : To refer someone’s family

Get your walking papers    : To be fired

Good Samaritan                  : Person helping others without any expectation

Greasing the palm               : Bribing

Head over heals                   : With great joy

Hold your horse                   : Be patient

In high spirit                        : Very happy

To keep one’s eyes               : To be extremely watchful

Keep body and soul together : Money in order to live comfortably

Keep the wolf from the door : Avoid starvation

Kick the bucket                      : Die

Leave no stone upturned        : Do everything one can

Lend an ear to                        : Listen patiently

Let sleeping dogs lie              : Not to restart a dispute

Let the cat out of the bag       : Make something public

Like a chicken with its head cut off : To act madly

Make both ends meet             : Struggle to live with limited income

Mum’s the word                     : Close one’s mouth and utter no word

Nip in the bud                        : To prevent something from developing

On the fence                           : Something yet to be decided

Over the top                            : Exorbitant

Pick up your ears                    : Pay attention

Pipe down                               : To shut up or be quiet

Queer fish                               : Strange person

Queer the pitch                       : Ruin a plan

Sell for a song                         : At a very low price

Smell a rat                               : To sense a danger in advance

Southpaw                                : Left-handed person

Storm in tea cup                      : Unimportant event

Swan song                               : Last performance

Tie the knot                             : To get married

Till the cows come home        : Very late

To steal someone’s thunder     : Claim someone’s achievement

Tongue in cheek                      : A harmless joke

Use your loaf                           : Act sensibly

Wet blanket                              : Useless person